I have a site here: Campus Tour that I'm trying to display in an iframe as well. The goal here is to be able to see exactly what a student is seeing when the student is viewing the tour on a mobile device.

Here is the iPhone viewport: iPhone Viewport

It displays properly in Chrome, but I can't get it to display in IE8. When viewed in IE8, the iframe displays the site in full site mode, and doesn't adhere to the mobile CSS.

Here's my iframe code:

HTML Code:
<div align="center" style="position: fixed; margin-top: 2%; margin-left: 12%; border: 5px solid #f60; width: auto; height: auto;">

                <h2 style="font-weight:bold; background-color: #f60; color: #fff;">iPhone 5 Display</h2>
                    <iframe style="width:568px; height: 320px; " src="http://webfro.gs/south/tour" frameborder="0"></iframe>
I've Googled my heart out and read about Quirks mode, and so forth, but not quite sure how to apply it. I'm not sure that's the right solution either.

What more information do you need to assist here?