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Thread: How do I make use of pagination psd file?

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    How do I make use of pagination psd file?

    I am trying to add navigation by means of pagination. So I downloaded a .psd file pagination template. I know how to code it to work, but how am I supposed to use this template? Should I edit all the buttons (and create over 100 of these as I have lots of content) or is there a way I can do it with CSS... where I get the computer to automatically edit the buttons depending on what page I'm on

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    Hey, Major Payne. Thanks for the reply. Yes I do get how pagination works. I understand the coding behind it. With a use of a loop I can get to divide the content into different pages, and create links (page numbers to that page),etc. But I would like to know how to make use of the .psd file of the pagination template. Yes I can use the images to link to the page numbers by using CSS. I got Corel Paintshop to open the .psd file.
    Do I just use the buttons as they are and they will automatically update the page numbers depending on my coding, or do I have to edit them (i.e. insert numbers into different buttons so I can have a button "50" to link to the 50th page)?

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