Trenticular painting otherwise called Triple Perspective Lenticular is a painting/printing technique where three distinctive pictures could be painted/printed on a solitary complex surface which when seen from a view will show one and only picture at once. The surface for the most part utilized as a part of Trenticular technique is a cluster of triangular pyramids. These pyramids are exceptionally planned and positioned to match with the plot of perspective of the Human Eye (Range from 120 degree to 200 degrees) and the central length of 22 mm. The viewpoint focuses or lines will be 120 degrees separated. Provided that the surface is turned around the middle or the viewer moves around the painting, a screen picture move could be seen which is comparative to the move in Lenticular Hologram.

In Lenticular Hologram the move is attained through minute crystals and is Only conceivable with specific supplies' or printers while in Trenticular it utilizes perceptible pyramids which empowers it to be painted or printed without the assistance of any specific gear's.

Trenticular idea was presented by the Guinness World Record winning Artist Limnesh Augustine in the year 2012 in Bahrain.