Hi, I'm new to the site so I'm not sure if I posted this in the correct section. I have a few questions I'd appreciate some feedback on.

To make a long story short, I have found a new passion and it's web development. I'm currently just learning HTML and CSS. I find myself amazed at the process and studying for hours, so that's obviously a good thing.

I plan on getting Bachelor's degree but I'm going to obtain it online. I also know there are various certificates as well that are needed. I was curious if anyone here had any recommendations for online schools. I was considering Kaplan at the moment.

I would also like some advice on which certificates I should obtain? I know I'm very interested in web development but being new to it I don't know what are the popular certificates or most desired etc.

My math skills are nothing past regular algebra, do anyone of you recommend any specific areas in math I should either study on my own or while in school before going into this career path?

I appreciate all advice getting started in web development