Iím not a programmer but currently boot-strapping a start-up company and I please need some expert advice to help me recruit the right free-lance developer.

Iíve built a prototype pricing engine in excel that aims to simulate travel market prices, and I now need to integrate this into my website Ė letís call it travel.com. The pricing engine runs of multiple inputs including date of travel, time of travel, hotel class, number of nights, etc. and also is impacted by how far in the future the travel is planned for. I also need to be able to update the algorithm manually on a regular basis.

From researching I believe the easiest way to implement the engine into my website would be to use PHP and MySQL, using the excel proto-type to build price tables and to then pull the responses base on inputs. My first question is whether you think this would be the best way to do this?

I also utilise a couple of sliders on the website that enable customers to choose their travel window (e.g. between 4pm and 8pm). My second question is whether there would be a way to pull a range of prices so that the total price updates instantly when changing the sliders, rather than having to hit the server each time the slider is moved?

All help would be very much appreciated.

Thanks, James.