Hi, on a little blog script I've put together, I can get a list of commenters to notify of a new comment. That's fine and the poster is not included. The trouble I'm having is, sending the mail out from that list.

The List
one@some.com|blog@mine.com|The subject|The message|
two@where.com|blog@mine.com|The subject|The message|
open(MMK, "<$mailtemp"); @mmsg = <MMK>; close(MMK);

 foreach $ml (@mmsg) {
 @nt=split /\|/, "$ml";

 open (SENDMAIL, "|$smpath -t") or die "cannot open sendmail: $!";
 print SENDMAIL "To: $nt[0]\n";
 print SENDMAIL "From: $nt[1]\n";
 print SENDMAIL "Subject: $nt[2]\n";
 print SENDMAIL "$nt[3]\n\n";
 close (SENDMAIL);
When I try this all I get is one email being sent.

What do I have to do run all the emails in the list?

Thanks in advance.