I have a little tech. problem but I can't find the solution :-(
So I hope that here someone can help me with it.

I have a DIV with a searchbox on the left site of my website.
And a DIV on the right with the website content

I have it now so far ready that when typing (with AJAX ) in the searchbox the searchresults appear above in the right DIV.

I tried then to let the right DIV scroll up to the top in the DIV making this in the search form:

Works well and the DIV scrolls to the anchor 'TOP' in that DIV.

But when clicking in the search box (to type a search text) one can't type anymore :-(

How can I combine so that one when clicks in the searchform the DIV on the right goes up AND one can keep typing something in the search textfield.....

Many thanks in advance for any suggestions !