Hey all, I need some help.
I've done a lot of searching but can't find exactly what I'm looking for.

To give you a little insight in what I'm after, we have a supporters club and we want the supporters to fill in a registration form (so we have a record of their details) which will have:
First name (required), Last name (required), Email (required), Address (optional), Contact Number (optional) and Official Membership number (optional).

After clicking "submit it will take them to a "Thank you page". All that info has to be integrated into our website template.

I would like it to connect to a db, which will store all the data and give the person a supporters membership number.

I am not after a login page or anything like that, the only person that can access the info would be me via the db.

Everything I have seen always has a login, username, password ect.
I'm not asking for people to write up a code for me, what I'm hoping for is for someone to point me in the right direction, a website or free script to download.
I'm not to crash hot at php coding, just so you know, that's why I just dl anything I need.

Thanks in advance