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Thread: [RESOLVED] text color

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    resolved [RESOLVED] text color

    i am making a text adventure game and i was wondering if i could some how change the color of text then put that text in a var with other text and output it some how so it keeps its color sort of like this

    var a = "red text "
    var b = "blue text "
    var c = "greentext "
    var all = a + b + c

    document.write (all)

    red text blue text green text

    i hope you understand what i mean

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    var a ="<span style='color:red'>red text </span>";
    var b ="<span style='color:blue'>blue text </span>";

    TODO: improve (style = css class,...)

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    o cool thank it worked

    i can even use it like this

    var A = redtext
    var all = "<span style='color:red'>" + A + "</span>"

    thanks a lot on the quick response

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