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Thread: Dynamic Closable Tabs?

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    Dynamic Closable Tabs?


    I tried searching on google didn't quite know what to search for really. I just want some information on what can be used to achieve what I want.

    So what I am looking for is.

    Dynamic Tabbed control that is created and is closable.

    for e.g. lets say this site is based on clients and information about them it could be all sorts of things so we'd be using forms to add/make changes to records. so lets say I have a search box i search for the client am looking for using a name or a client id it shows me a result for the client i click on it.. ok so I have the client selected now I want to add a order for this client so I click Order in the side nav bar and it opens up a orders tab. I can then lets say proceed to open up clients information (on it own tab next to orders now. ) then I want to be able to close any of the tabs whenever i want.

    Now I want to know how can this be achieved? Health Service site that does a similar thing for patients so when they select patient a patient tab is opened and when you click on diagnosis a diagnosis tab would open up within the patient... you can have multiple patient tabs open for different patients and tabs open with those patients for whatever the user opened... I have heard that it was built using AJAX/JQUERY.

    I have tried to find such a site or information on making such sites. You don't really see many of them.. you would probably only see something like it in a closed website running on local network.

    What I would really find help is a push towards the right direction on going about achieving such functionality.
    references/tutorials/videos would be really good.

    thanks a lot

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    Hi and welcome to the site. It would be helpful if you could give an indication of your present level of expertise?

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    Thanks.. I wouldn't say am professional at web development.
    I can do PHP/JS lets say I can do them at intermediate level.

    I have just recently take a interest in web development, and other than those my background is database development Oracle/SQL Server/MySQL... am quite good at c# and vba.

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