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    resolved [RESOLVED] Downloading

    Hey Everyone,

    I've been creating a few pages that allow users to upload the own work / images / docs etc which works fine but.... I want them to be able to view their uploads and have the option to download them again if they wanted.

    I've experimented with putting links in and but it just brings up the directory.

    $image_viewer = "SELECT * FROM files WHERE username='$_SESSION[username]'";
    $show_image = mysql_query($image_viewer);
    PHP Code:
    echo "<a href='uploads/$info'>";

    $info mysql_fetch_array($show_image))

    $info['filename'] . " " $info['name']; echo "<br/>";

    The above just brings up a list of files.

    This is just an experiment for my own knowledge but I would like to get it working so all help is appreciated!!
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