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Thread: Adsense problem

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    Adsense problem

    Hello all,

    here's my website, where I'm trying to incorporate Google Adsense:


    I've inserted the standard HTML supplied by Google Adsense without much alteration.

    Everything works fine on Google Chrome, but only in Chrome.
    It doesn't work in Firefox or on my mobile phone (Samsung Galaxy S2).

    What happens is that on Firefox and my mobile phone, the AJAX loading of sub-pages stalls / doesn't work anymore.

    I don't reload the Adsense HTML on sub-pages, as I only update the #content div and the Adsense HTML is outside of it.

    So to say it as briefly as possible, I'm not loading Adsense via AJAX, as this is a known issue, that that does not work well.

    It seems nevertheless, that Adsense disrupts execution of my jQuery plugin on first load.

    Is this a known issue with Adsense? Is there a workaround?

    Any help is greatly appreciated!
    Kind regards
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