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Thread: [RESOLVED] using enter like a onclick

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    resolved [RESOLVED] using enter like a onclick

    i am making a text adventure game using html and javascript and i would like to have it so when you press enter after typing in the box it would do what this "send" button is doing now
    http://www.red566.nf/GuiTest/testlayout.html (i am mid way throw making it work with the gui at the time i post this)
    also it would be a grate if any one could help me with making the text box scroll down when new content is added

    ps if you would like to play the slightly more extended game (with out the gui)


    pps if you type Dbug 1-3 i have 3 levels of debugging (i need to make it better tho lvl 1 is functions, 2 ifs, 3 var values)
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