Hi everyone,

Haven't been here in a while - but I've been searching for an answer to this for ages and to no avail, so anyone who can help I'll be most grateful!

My client's site includes links which need to open a new tab in the browser, and although I can get this to work in Firefox, Safari and IE, Chrome won't play along. After a simple Ajax call, it grabs the website that is required and then runs the following:

where 'website' is the returned hyperlink. I've also been told _blank will work, but I found that _newtab seems to be fine in every other browser but Chrome. I know that Chrome has limited options for tab preferences and I've read solutions such as "right click and select new tab" or "install an extension" but bear in mind we're talking about user interaction here and they are not going to want to install extensions and they may not always read a line that says "Oh, don't forget to right click and choose new tab!" because this will bypass my ajax call.

Hope that's clear! I tend to ramble a lot, so if anyone wants me to clarify something please ask.

Any help much appreciated!

Thank you