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Thread: What is Text Sitemap?

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    What is Text Sitemap?

    What is Text Sitemap? How can I work on my site?

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    Text sitemaps contain one website url per line. Many search engines including Google and Yahoo can scan text sitemaps.

    Improve compability between text sitemaps and search engines:

    For Yahoo, name the primary text sitemap file urllist.txt.
    Save text file sitemaps as UTF-8 documents. Especially if you have website urls with non-English characters.
    Each text sitemap file should contain no more than 50.000 urls.

    The example of text sitemap is; http://www.bimadeals.com/urllist.txt
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    However, you need to use xml sitema for better SEO as it is must..

    You can use text sitemap as well, there is no disadvantage of using this.
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    General opinion on the web is that XML sitemap is better because it allows for additional information. I yet have to see the real advantage of XML website over txt in the SEO.

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    I believe a text sitemap is a txt file that includes all of your website links so Google can determine which links are on your site, etc. It's very related to sitemaps. Sitemaps is basically a file or page that contains all the links of the pages on your website that you want everyone to know about. A sitemap will help the visitors that come to your website to redirect to what they're looking for, as well as help Google to find what they're looking for. I believe text sitemap and sitemap are closely related to each other.

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    mikeee741 is right sitemap is a txt file that includes all of your website internal links so Google can determine which links are on your site and which it has to crawl and index for saving in their data. It helps your site to crawl fast.

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