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Thread: What is Over Optimization

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    What is Over Optimization

    Kindly tell me that what is the meaning of Over optimization and what are the effects of this in SEO.

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    Over Optimization happens when your website is considered "too good" by Google - either in terms of a sudden volume of backlinks, or because of heavy on-page optimization. In other words, if Google considers that your website optimization is beyond acceptable limits , your website will be red-flagged and automatically restricted or penalized.

    There is a fine line between over optimization and spamming, and it is on this line that Google can appear to err. However, this is not a mistake by the search engine - in fact, Google calculates rankings by considering thousands and thousands of different factors - and a lot of importance is attached to average "trends" within the niche / keyword range that a website is optimizing for.

    The bottom line is that over optimization is non-spamming search engine optimization that is misread by Google as being beyond acceptable limits, thus leading to a penalty in search engine rankings.
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    When a website is over Optimize. I think the website will get heavy penalty from google and it will be very challenging to remove it. So make do not make backlinks more than 20-30 per day.

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    Anything that is not natural will be over optimizing. Tricks that we use to get ranked on the backend of pages....the way around this is by using multiple media on your pages and getting natural backlinks through social media and comments.

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    if you do more optimization and your site may be go in spam or penalty, that may be harmful for your website.

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