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Thread: blogg and forums

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    blogg and forums

    hello guys,
    i want to now what is the difference between blog and forum and how can v bring traffic to our website please find the solution for this ..
    thanks and Regards

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    Blog commenting is leaving relevant comments on blog posts and forum posting is participating in forum discussion. Simply make sure you are spamming or violating forum rules to only to get backlinks. Be a contributor in fourms. And leave meaningful comments on blogs. Useless comments or posts are considered as spam.

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    Blog commenting gives traffic to your website at the same Time do –follow blogs gives a backlink to your website. But your comment is related the article otherwise moderator will not approve your comment and treated as spam.

    Forum participating is solving the doubts and problems. You have to start a new thread in the related category the forum members answering to your questions. After you reach the maximum number of posts, you have to create the forum signature it gives the backlink to your website and improves the SERP for particular keyword. But do not spam in a forum.

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