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Thread: How to set validation of phone numbers like design?

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    How to set validation of phone numbers like design?

    How to set validation of phone numbers like design?
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    If I really really had to do this, I would just use js to validate the number and re-format after the user has made his entire entry. Of course - you would then have to remove this formatting before storing it to keep it in a easily useable format in your db. I would never store a telephone number like that.

    Something like:
    <input type='text' name='telno' id='telnoid' size=10 onchange='return validateTelNo("telnoid")'>

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    formatting, it looks nice but in all cases is not really necessary.

    you only need to know that all characters are numerical, allow people to format how they are used to, when you submit to a database then store the number in whatever format that floats your boat.
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