I've database with a table in which are memorized messages, and another table with votes of all messages

For exemple
messages: ID, text
votes: userID, messageID, valutation

Now i've to tak all messages along with respective votes, so this is my query

SELECT messages.text, voted.valutation FROM messages LEFT JOIN votes ON messages.ID=votes.messageID

The problem is that from the moment that each message can have more than ne vote, the result of query and of the fetching operations, retrieve me only one vote for each message!

I don't know if the problem is in the query or in the fetch associative operation. Infact fetching as associative array, it assigns for each value a sector with an associative key taken from the column name... So, i think that, from the moment that i have "many" values associed with "valutation" name, it casue some overwites... right??