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Thread: Scaling issue

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    Scaling issue

    Hi all!

    I have just created a website for my new business using Wix. We have run into the typical problem with Wix of the websites not scaling. Does anyone have any ideas of any code to make it scale to most people's computers. We have a new domain so it appears we can't move for 60 days, get a refund or anything and we ideally need to launch tomorrow.
    Is there anything we can do to force the website to scale? Wix appeared to be perfect until we started testing it out on other PCs. We have developed it on a 1920x1080 monitor so it's too small on other monitors
    Anyway, all help for a workaround would be seriously appreciated! Is it just a matter of using a smaller resolution PC i.e. 1600x900?

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    Wix scaling
    google searched that and

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    Hi and welcome to the site.

    Firstly, what do you mean by "scaling", and why do you think it beneficial? Scaling is the default behavior of mobile devices when presented with a traditional fixed width site that is not responsive. I.e. The whole page width is shown, scaled to fit the screen size. It is clunky, to say the least. Whereas responsive web pages are designed to re-arrange (or even omit) the content so that it fits on the available screen width at the default scale. I.e. Only pictorial content is scaled.

    I suspect from the link given above that the Wix CMS is incapable of producing responsive web pages. If so, there is no "quick fix" that will make your site responsive (if that is what you wanted). If there were, Wix would, presumably, already offer it.
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