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Thread: Tips for Blogging

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    Tips for Blogging

    Hello there,
    I hope these help you a lot in blogging,

    1. Make SEF URL's of your Blog.

    2. Use XHTML Validation for your blog.

    3. Configure social bookmarkings buttons.

    4. Inclide your main keywords in post title and content body.

    5. Alwasys come up with unique post and set Search engine Optimized title
    Optmize post content.

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    1. Approach your blog with unique content and attractive images

    2. Add rich snippet

    3. configure social media buttons

    4. optimize title,tag as seo friendly

    5. Add email subscriptions

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    1. Use ALT tag in images
    2. Write Unique content
    3. Make SEO friendly URL structure
    4. Write clean and descriptive titles

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    1) Provide custom Meta description in every single post you publish. The new Interface by Google Blogger has made this thing very easy to add a custom description. You can simply add it while publishing a new post by adding 2-3 lines in the description box on the right sidebar.
    2) Adding keywords to your post’s content is very important. You should try to maintain atleast 2-3% of keyword density in your post. By this I mean if you have a 500 words post you can add 10-15 keywords.
    3) Blogspot’s new interface now allows you to choose custom permalinks for your post. Format your post url in such a way that it explains every thing about your post and include the necessary keywords. It should not very long and not even a small one is good. It should be near to 50 characters.

    4) There is one more very cool trick you should do and it is to format your post title that will help

    your post getting an identity among the other search results. Go to Edit HTML from your blog template,

    Click on expand the template and search for <title><data:blog.pagetitle/>

    </title> now replace this with the code written below:

    <b:if cond= 'data:blog.pageType == &quot;index&quot;'>





    5) Format your blog images as well. This mean you need to add title and alt tag in every image. This helps a lot in SEO. You can simple add it by clicking on an image in the edit mode and then mention it in properties.
    6) Use proper Labels in your posts. Labels should be unique and descriptive. Add at least 3-5 unique labels closely related to your post with every post you publish.
    7) Add no-follow attribute to all the external links you mention in your post.
    8) Add Meta tags (description and keywords) in your blog template.
    9) Link building is very important for SEO. I recommend you to read my complete article entitled with How to get backlinks easily.
    10) Last but no the least always write quality and unique content that will easily get up the search results and people may voluntary link back to you. You can also add a link to me widget at the last of every post.
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    Nice thread, thanks for post useful and helpful article.

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    Align your offer with your visitors,Align your advertisement copy with your title,Write a compelling title,Give prospects enough information,Address specific customer anxieties,Ask for the minimum amount of detail,Use responsive design to appeal to customers on any device,Use images that direct the visitor’s eye to the CTA.

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    The major thing about blogging is content, you have to update your blog with fresh content regularly so that your content would be indexed in search engines and you would get visitors from search engines, I would say.
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