I am new here so apologies if my question is a bit stupid!

I am starting a new business and I am going to build a Website. I have been told it should have several mandatory "Add- Ons?" to maximise my profile. I have been told it needs to have:

  • A Facebook link
  • A Twitter link
  • A LinkedIn link
  • It must have a Mobile Site (so it can be viewed properly on mobile devices such as phones etc)
  • Google+
  • Paid Advertiser
  • An email "Capture Form?"
  • Mobile App?

Can any of you kind people add to my list of what my website should have?

As I mentioned, I am totally new to all this so you clever people must be able to tell me of any other things my site would need. I obviously want it to be as accessible as possible.

Thanking you all in anticipation,