Hey Guys,

I fell into web development earlier this summer and I love it. I have been working with wordpress and premium themes to give my clients professional looking informational and e-commerce websites.

I started my first site for a friend and now I am quickly getting interest from more and more prospects.

I am about to start my own company and do this full time.

My main concerns right now are coming up with a price sheet even if its just for my own reference. I want to know what you experienced web developers are charging for a base website or ecommerce site and then how much you charge for things like content creation and adding products and creating social media sites for clients etc... any help is greatly appreciated.

I also desperately need help coming up with a legal contract for my new business.
Does anyone know good templates to start with?
Do you or does the client own the site?
Are you making money off of hosting as well as charging a per month rate that includes an hour of updates?

Any help or advise is greatly appreciated. Please tell me everything you wish you knew when you were just starting out. I am really excited to start my new career path and thanks again.