I am somewhat new to Java and PHP, but have pretty decent knowledge of HTML and CSS. I have two objectives.

The first is an auto photo organizer. I would like to be able to upload, let's say 1,000 photos or more, to a folder on my site. I want to program a page to populate all the photos randomly on the page with a set amount of photos per page OR allow for a keyword search, similar to istockphoto.com.

The second objective is do the same as above, but with text blocks. Similar to brainyquote.com.

I know this is complicated, but if I was pointed in the right direction, I would be able to figure it out. The point is I don't want to manually have to do this. I just want to stick the photos in the folder and it would populate. I know I would manually have to do input the text information, but being able to auto-populate and search via keywords is the key.