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Thread: Add var to array

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    Add var to array

    i Have the function below to ad a certain amount of dropdown lists to a form.
    It works like a charm but i want to add the input_id var to the dropdown list created in the "data" array
    "'_1': '13 x 18 cm'," must become "input_id '_1': '13 x 18 cm',"

    I can't get it together.

    function getval(sel) {
    var input=sel.value.split("_");
    var input_aant = input[1];
    var input_id = input[0];
    var input_name = "#"+input[0];


    for (i=1; i<=input_aant; i++)
    var data = {
    '_1': '13 x 18 cm',
    '_2': '20 x 30 cm',
    '_3': '40 x 60 cm',
    '_4': '50 x 75 cm'

    var g = $('<div class="formaat"/>');
    var s = $('<select onchange=\"getalert(this);\" />');

    for(var val in data) {
    $('<option />', {value: val, text: data[val]}).appendTo(s);


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    Please format your code as such to maintain intendation and readability and consider providing a working example ("working" as in "shows the problem") for future questions as it helps us to understand the problem and in return help you.

    As for your question, you could either add the input_id in the loop where you create the <option /> elements (since input_id is constant for this function anyway), or if it absolutely has to go into the data object:

    var data = {};
    data[input_id + '_1'] = "13 x 18cm";
    // ...

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