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Thread: [RESOLVED] Get Text from Table Cell with Dropdown

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    resolved [RESOLVED] Get Text from Table Cell with Dropdown

    I want to get text from a table cell that has both text and a dropdown with text in it and when I use tablecell.text() it returns the text from the dropdown along with the cell text. What do I do so that it only returns the cell text?

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    You could use a regular expression to extract the part that you need from the cell.

    var text = tablecell.text().match(/\/select> (.*)/)[1];
    Assuming that the text comes after the select field, or use this pattern if the text is before the select field.

    /(.*) <select>/

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    I did tablecell.clone().children().remove().end().text() which cloned the cell, removed the select element, then returned the text remaining in the cell. The regex method seems cleaner, but I must have typed it wrong since it didn't work for me. Either way, the problem is solved.

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