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Thread: Social networks with SEO

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    Social networks with SEO

    In recent times, social networking has turned out to be a must do activity to achieve long term success on the Internet. Almost everybody who knows how to use the Internet has an account at different social networking sites. People of every age group big or small are using numerous networking sites and creating their profile. In fact, over the past few years social networking have become more popular in the general public. It has become one of the best ways to meet people in different parts of the world. It has helped many business owners grew or promote their business and even act as best platform to share information and generate business leads.

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    in 2013 every websites owners and business company must be Social.. it's now one of the Seo Metric.. the more social you are the more chance to get rank up and appear on first page.

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    More your network grow up on social websites your chances of traffic is also more to get targeted traffic.It is also a good way to share instent new things regarding your services or products and atract people more.

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    I agree with you!

    Social networking sites are really too helpful in SEO, as they give social signal to Google and this is one factor in algorithm of SEO too. You get traffic to your site from social networking websites as well!
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