This week on Business Matters we explore the matter of trust. What does it mean to be a trustworthy company? A trustworthy leader? A trustworthy individual? Our first guest, David Horsager, explains the Trust Edge, how businesses can be hugely impacted by the trust customers have in them, as well as the trust that runs within coworkers. His book describes research that identified the eight pillars of trust, all of which leaders and companies need to have in order to be successful. Our second guest, Ross Bernstein, has used his trusting personality to get inside the world of sports. He has befriended coaches and players from all over the world to tell him their experiences and lessons from the game, which he has written into over 50 books. Ross believes that trust is a delicate thing that can be broken very easily, but when it is solid, it can provide many opportunities. Our final guest is Waldo Waldman, who inspires people to never fly solo. After flying in the Air Force for over 20 years, Waldo learned the value of having a strong formation around you at all times. By having a trusting and solid formation, coworkers can feel supported and accepting of challenges. This week, we hope you look at trust in a new light and find new practices to use in your business and home life.