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Thread: Review New Social Exchange websites

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    Hello there,

    Please review my social exchange website at. This site help all the users to increase fans of their social pages like facebook, google +1, twitter,...
    Link: http://fanswap.net


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    In order to benefit from SocialClerks referral program you first need to sign up. This can be done by using the web form of Social Clerks or using the option of signing up through Twitter.
    After signing up, you would get a referral link from SocialClerks (Please check ‘referral link’ to the right under ‘Your Referral URL’), which gives you the capability to promote through your social profile.
    The promotion would ultimately cause new users click the link and signup.
    If new users signup though your promotional link on Twitter, you’d be awarded 25 points automatically. In case the new user decides to make a regular account, a verification email will be sent and must be verified to gain 25 points. All points accumulated this way show up as a part of a comprehensive report at “history” in the top header. Using the Social Clerks referral program is an easy, hassle free and authorized way of quickly gaining credits which lead to recognition and acknowledgment on your promoted sites.

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    It sounds good.

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