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Thread: Grouping events using SimpleXML/PHP

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    Grouping events using SimpleXML/PHP


    I have events that I'm pulling in from an XML file using SimpleXML.

    Some events have the same name but they have different links. What I would like to do is group events that have the same name - in other words all the links appear on the outputted HTML file under one event name rather than 2.

    Below is my XML file and the SimpleXML/PHP code.

    <matchname>Team Red v Team Yellow</matchname>
    <link lang="de">page1.html</link>
    <link lang="">page2.html</link>
    <matchname>Team Red v Team Yellow</matchname>
    <link lang="de">page3.html</link>
    <link lang="">page4.html</link>

    PHP Code:
        foreach (
    $mymatches as $matchlist) {

    "<div class=\"section section".strtolower($sport)." ".strtolower($tournament)."\">";
    "<h3>".$time." ";
            if (
    $tournament != "" ) { echo $tournament.": "; }
    "<div class=\"matchlinks\">\n";
              foreach (
    $matchlist->linkset->link as $linklist) {
    "<div class=\"matchrow\"><div class=\"channelname\">".$linklist['channelname']."</div><div class=\"language\">".$linklist['lang']."</div><div class=\"link\"><a href=\"".$linklist."\" target=\"_blank\">Visit page</a></div><div class=\"clearb\"></div></div>\n";
    I would ideally like to output:
    Team Red v Team Yellow
    - page1.html
    - page2.html
    - page3.html
    - page2.html
    (rather than 2 separate events of the same name which it currently gives me)

    Any ideas?
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