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Thread: Disadvantages for using %

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    Disadvantages for using %


    Are there any disadvantages for using percentage value to set up width of web page?

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    None that aren't obvious.

    By giving a page a flexible width, you give up some fine control over the bounding boxes of some page elements. You might find, for example, that you need to adjust the CSS settings of some individual elements to achieve a more visually appealing formatting of some text blocks or the positioning of some graphics. It's always a question of balancing costs and benefits.
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    Hello...good Article... what are the disadvantages of using a computer for research?

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    because i have noticed that many of us search other programs not those who really direct us in proper education.

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    Percentage is ok for sizing images in responsive web pages, but is not very good for text. E.g. Say that you want a menu bar on the left that needs to be 240px wide, and you want to accommodate overall display widths from 480px to 960px. A percentage of 50% is needed to accommodate the menu bar at the minimum, but that wastes 240px at the maximum.

    Using "position: absolute" you can set the menu bar width irrespective of the overall display width. Alternatively, using media-specific style sheets can minimise that problem, and are pretty well essential if you need to support displays less than 480px wide.
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    only use percentages when every user is going to get the same result because of a parent element having a fixed (pixel) width. Otherwise there will be inconsistencies in your design, making it so that you can't use any flashy images and the website may look ugly to users with giant / tiny monitors. If you are going to use percentage widths you simply have to test the website with different resolutions!

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    Yeah it have many disadvantage.The big disadvantage is it causes cross browser issue specially in internet explorer because range of taking %age distance is short than other browsers means let suppose if 1% have 10 pixels in firefox and chrome then internet explorer may have 8 pixels so that it may disturb your design

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    Yes I am agree with jedaisoul. For image you can set size in % but you face problem with text.

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