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Thread: member system? sessions etc

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    member system? sessions etc

    Hello. Is there any good guides on how to make a member system with PHP? I have made it possible to register and login(i guess) but what then?

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    The subject has cropped up plenty of times and you will see them if you search the forum BUT REMEMBER that nearly all of them while working will not be secure and you need to look at security issues with log in scripts.
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    Hi....A PHP session solves this problem by allowing you to store user information on the server for later use (i.e. username, shopping cart items, etc). However, this session information is temporary and is usually deleted very quickly after the user has left the website that uses sessions.

    It is important to ponder if the sessions' temporary storage is applicable to your website. If you require a more permanent storage you will need to find another solution, like a MySQL database.

    Sessions work by creating a unique identification(UID) number for each visitor and storing variables based on this ID. This helps to prevent two users' data from getting confused with one another when visiting the same webpage.

    Note:If you are not experienced with session programming it is not recommended that you use sessions on a website that requires high-security, as there are security holes that take some advanced techniques to plug.

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