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Thread: Embedded Vectored Image Viewing Tool - PDF Viewer

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    Embedded Vectored Image Viewing Tool - PDF Viewer

    Hi All,

    I have lots of engineering drawings that I would like to display throughout my website. The drawings are vectored images that are in PDF format. I would like to user to be able to drag around the image and also easily zoom in and out without a loss of image quality.

    I have been looking at http://www.zoomify.com/ which is a tool used to display high resolution images. The functionality of this tool is exactly what I am after however this tool doesn't support vector images. The PDF's would have to be converted to a bitmap images which isnt suitable.

    I know there are embedded PDF viewers which I have experimented with however I don't want to display all the tool bars etc. I simply want a 600 X 600 window displaying the PDF, with the option to zoom in and out, and drag around the image. I am only looking to display single drawings, no multiple page PDFs.

    Your ideas would be greatly appreciated!

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    Only two solutions come to mind. The first is to keep looking for a PDF viewer that does most of what you want. The second would be to convert the PDFs to SVG's. There's reasonably decent cross-browser support for SVG these days it seems, and you should be able to find a JavaScript tool that you can coerce into handling the viewing/dragging/zooming.
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    If you want to diplay and view your drawings that are in vector image format throughout my website, you can just use an image web viewer, which can allow you to view and preview your drawing image on web browsers without using memory stream, the supportable browsers are IE 7+, Firefox and Google chrome. As you have loaded your pictures, you can view them with zooming out/in freely.

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