Hi All,

I have lots of engineering drawings that I would like to display throughout my website. The drawings are vectored images that are in PDF format. I would like to user to be able to drag around the image and also easily zoom in and out without a loss of image quality.

I have been looking at http://www.zoomify.com/ which is a tool used to display high resolution images. The functionality of this tool is exactly what I am after however this tool doesn't support vector images. The PDF's would have to be converted to a bitmap images which isnt suitable.

I know there are embedded PDF viewers which I have experimented with however I don't want to display all the tool bars etc. I simply want a 600 X 600 window displaying the PDF, with the option to zoom in and out, and drag around the image. I am only looking to display single drawings, no multiple page PDFs.

Your ideas would be greatly appreciated!