I am a newbie in terms of html and would like help getting started on creating a website. The website is going to be a video streaming site. I have a subsonic server that I use currently and run from my home computer and its not working to the extent that I want. I wanted to start from scratch but I need assistance on where to start exactly. The site I want to have working will be hosted from my computer, where all my video files are stored. I want users to be able to type in the IP address and get to a home screen, then I want them to be able to create a user name and password which I can confirm being a admin to the site. The site will have basic navigation with options like tv shows, movies, and such. with further directories such as movie name or tv show season and episode numbers. I want them to be able to stream it directly to the browser like a youtube site. Any suggestions on where to start or if there are better programs that are not subsonic to be able to do video's only. any help is appreciated. Or if I were to have to pay someone to make this, where and which company would be the cheapest.