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Thread: Hypermarks in ASP

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    Hypermarks in ASP

    I have some Hypermarks on the data that I earlier had in HTML, I have shifted to ASP due to few reason, but I lost my hypermarks.

    xxx.asp#345 <-- I think ASP doesn't support it.

    Now I think the only thing that I could do is pass a parameter to the ASP file with the hypermark.

    I am new to ASP any help, in creating the function to redirect to the Hypermark, also any help on how to pass a parameter. (I am a newbie to ASP)

    Please Help.

    Thanks in Advance.

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    Unhappy Further Clarification.

    I am sorry, but i dont understand this, the thing is I have the hyperlinks within my HTML page and also on a external page.

    1. How to navigate the hyperlink in the same page (There are links on the same page)
    2. How to navigate to the hyperlink in other page (eg. 123.asp) with hyperlink 890?

    Please help.


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