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Thread: what is Keyword Stuffing ?

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    what is Keyword Stuffing ?

    hello friends i want to about Keyword Stuffing please help me

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    Keyword stuffing is about using too many keywords on one web page which comes under black hat SEO, you should avoid it if you want to do white hat seo only.
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    A SEO technique used by Web designers to overload keywords onto a Web page so that search engines will read the page as being relevant in a Web search. Because search engines scan Web pages for the words that are entered into the search criteria by the user, the more times a keyword appears on the Web page the more relevancy the search engine will assign to the page in the search results (this is only one way that search engines determine relevancy, however.) Search engines often penalize a site if the engine discovers keyword stuffing, as this practice is considered poor netiquette, and some search engines will even ban the offending Web pages from their search results.

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    When you use too many keywords on one web page to optimize, it called keyword stuffing, which comes under black hat SEO techniques, you should try to use white hat seo if you want to appear on SERP.

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    In simplest terms, it pertains to putting unnecessary keywords to content just to deceive search engines.

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