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Thread: Set Cookie Accept button to stay on current page?

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    Set Cookie Accept button to stay on current page?

    Hi guys,

    I know this is probably easier than i think it is. I have a cookie accept button that pops up when new visitors reach my site. However when the 'Accept' button is clicked it links the customer back to the homepage but i would like to keep the customer on the page.

    I guess i just need to know what to replace the <a href="what goes here?"> part.

    <a href="your.domain" class="cookiebuttons" onClick="SetCookie('eucookie','eucookie','time()+31556926')"><strong style="color:#FF9900">Allow Cookies</strong></a>
    Any advice much appreciated.

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    If anyone else is looking how to make a link to the current page without adding the actual page url (useful with header/footer inlcudes) i have found that adding <a href="?"> or leave the area blank <a href=" "> works great. Knew this was easier than i thought.

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