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Thread: Internet Explorer makes things explode ... HELP!

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    Question Internet Explorer makes things explode ... HELP!

    I developing a site for a client, but am more of a designer than a developer so I'm running into a few issues. I'm learning along the way, but cannot seem to solve this one issue ...

    My site appears fine in Chrome, Safari, and Firefox. But when it is viewed in IE, it shifts everything and adds boxes around links/rollover images. Dreamweaver CS5 tells me I have no browser compatibility errors, and the only issue that comes up when I try to validate the site seems negligent (something about a margin height). Does anyone know how to fix this?!? This is the last fix and it can come out of the sandbox!!! Please! Any guidance is greatly appreciated.

    The site: www.lifelinepilots.org/new_site/Home.html

    **This is also being posted in the Dreamweaver group.**

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    All I'm seeing in IE is a border being applied to linked images. Add the following near the top of your stylesheet:
    a img { border:none; }
    Rick Trethewey
    Rainbo Design

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    Thank you so much! That solved it!

    Would you happen to know how to solve this problem ...

    I have two sidebar images with this coding:

    <img src="images/Home_Page2_01.png" alt="" width="32" height="100%" id="sidebar">

    In Chrome and Safari, the image is then stretched to equal the varying height of the page throughout the site. But in IE and Firefox, it stops short. Any ideas on how to fix it?

    Thanks again!

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