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Thread: moving arrays and variables expert

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    moving arrays and variables expert

    Hey guys this code here checks the answers to a quiz .
    this first line of code displays a alert for each question saying "you got question #1 right" then the same thing for 2 and every other question you got right.
    How can I store each question into a variable?

    For example. *Variable "question1" = "what is 1+1?" *user answered 3, correct answer was 2

    More information--I am making a quiz... *it has around 100 questions in a array. *It randomly picks 10 questions in an array each time the quiz is taken. *I want the review page of the quiz to display those same 10 questions and what the user chose for answers.
    I have already moved the variable "score" to the new page but cant get any further then that
    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Ix = Ix+1
    alert("you got question # " + Ix + " correct");
    Ix = Ix-1

    else {
    for (var Ix=0; Ix<10; Ix++) {
    if (this.Answer[Ix] == this.thisAns[Ix]) {
    document.getElementById("check" + Ix).checked = true;
    Ix = Ix+1
    alert("you got question # " + Ix + " correct");
    Ix = Ix-1
    totalscore = score
    } else {
    document.getElementById("check" + Ix).checked = false;

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    It takes a lot less time to show you what to fix
    than it takes to design and develop your code from scratch.

    Show all pertinent code. HTML, JS and CSS, if applicable.

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