Hello, I'm receiving this information from an ajax request. I've figured out the node map I guess. To test that I have the correct Item I list the nodeName and it is a TBODY which is what I'm looking for. This works the same on ie, ff, and chrome. However, when I try to alert the childNodes.length, I get a value of 9 on chrome(which is correct), and a value of 1 on ie and ff. I've tried to output the childNodes[0].nodeName and on all three browsers it displays #text. If I display the value, they all display empty text. If I attempt to alert the childNodes[1].nodeName, it shows TR(which is what i'm looking for) on chrome while on ie and ff the code doesn't do anything(I imagine because of undefined index on these browsers?). I've tried a similar example on my localhost with a simple table and it works fine across all browsers. Why would something like this not work on the actual site? Thanks in advance.