Hi people,

I'm new to JS and but I really need to help with this:

I have a scrolling marquee on my page.

What I want to do is to be able to stop and start the scrolling of the marquee by the use of a button on the page.

I know I can do this already be using onMouseOver effect like this:

<marquee onMouseOver="this.stop();" onMouseOut="this.start();" behavior="scroll" direction="up" scrollamount="2"><p>Some Text</p><p>Some Text</p><p>Some Text</p></marquee>
However this is not really the effect I want.

What I want the user to be able do is to stop and start the marquee by clicking on a button(s) on the web page.

Please can some one help me out with this, I'm a newbe, so if you can help please bear with me and explain in a little detail.

Much thanks.