In every online business a greater part of the marketing team is dedicated in creating press releases and newsletters, these tools help on reaching to the targeted clients of the company.

These speeds up the marketing side especially today that there is really a good deal of news content sites such as yahoo, MSNBC, CNN and the others. There are also other wire services that could help you in expansion of some press releases such as Business Wire, PR Newswire, PRWeb and Market Wire.

After the launch of the press release, to maintain the effectiveness the following points should be considered:

1. Monitor blog search engines like google blog search and technorati for pickups.
2. Embed tracking codes in the links from the release to the landing page.
3. Monitor the web analytics of the site the press release links to for referral traffic sources.
4. Setup Google alerts to monitor when the release gets picked up.
5. Monitor standard search engines for pickups and links.
Track conversions from press release landing pages.

The press release could present a good overview of the network and even the new features of your online business. The content should be concise without the loss of your firm's marketing objectives, this is the best tool available.