Okay here is want i would like to archive. I have to php variable (link)

PHP Code:
<a href="<?php the_permalink(); ?>" title="<?php printfesc_attr__'View the "%s" coupon page''appthemes' ), the_title_attribute'echo=0' ) ); ?>
this one should open in a typ of a header about 100px-150px high. The second:

PHP Code:
<?php echo get_clpr_coupon_url$post ); ?>" id="coupon-link-<?php echo $post->ID?>
should open in the rest of the page and at the same time will forward to externel link.

I was hoping to find a solution with out frames, any Ideas. Also if there is no other solution than frame, how do i accomplish that the php is getting forwarded to a frameset site with two frames?

I tryed a lot but just not getting the hang of it today...

Thanks in advance...