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    Meta Data

    Meta Data (also Meta Information or Meta Tags) Ė Meta data is information associated with a web page thatís placed in the HTML but not displayed by the browser for users to see. This data that tells search engines what the pages on your website are about. There are a range of Meta Tags, but only a few of which are relevant to search engine Spiders. The most well-known Meta Tags are the Meta Title, Meta Description and Meta Keywords.

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    Metadata describes other data. It provides information about a certain item's content.

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    Meta data can be meta title, meta description or meta keywords, these are very important in SEO.
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    Meta data is nothing but add the data on back end of websites.It contains Meta title,Meta Description,Meta Keywords.This is one of factors of ON Page optimization.

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    Meta Data refers to data about data. Meta data consider as Meta title, Meta description and Meta keyword. Its store some information about the web page, which is not for user.

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