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Thread: Reverse Geolocation - Wired / Wireless Question

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    Reverse Geolocation - Wired / Wireless Question


    OK, I am working on my first HTML5 geolocation project (reverse to be exact). Nothing major, just a simple form to display the users location on screen.

    I have used two tutorials to base my work on:


    Now using both sites, I have created two local working examples which is great, however the issue I am having is that they only work when I am connected to the internet using WIFI. If I switch off WIFI on my desktop and use a network cable (to the same router) the examples fail to run.

    Am I misunderstanding how geolocation works?
    Does a user have to be connected to a WIFI network for it to work???

    I also tried connecting to the first site above via 3G on my phone and it also fails to work.

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated!!


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    HTML5's geolocation depends on either an Internet connection in order to obtain an IP address for the user which can be (roughly) translated into a location, or the user's actual location determined by an on-board GPS device. If you disconnect your desktop or laptop from the Internet, there's rarely any GPS support, so no location data is available.
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