Hi Guys I'm new to web development,and I'm trying to learn different languages to put a website idea that I have together. After some research I know that I will need to learn HTML5,CSS3,JavaScript and use Jquery(just to make it quicker to develop the website). Also going to learn PHP and SQL as well. I kinda have the basic idea of how I want the website to look so at the moment I have 3 questions

1.what text editor should I use that will support all these languages? Should i use something like dreamweaver, it seems unoriginal lol To add to that I'm currently using a Acer laptop, but plan on buying a MacBook Pro, will I have trouble transferring the code across?

2.The Website that I will be designing will use infinite scrolling similar to that of Pinterest. What program language do you need to learn to make that happen?

3.Lastly I plan to update the content on the website on a monthly basis, does that mean that I have to physically change all the content on the client-side or is there an easier way to do that, incase the question is a bit confusing,the website is going to have something like a business directory, so every time that I need to put a new business on the website do I have to make these major changes to the code.

Thanks guys for all your help, your services are going to be highly appreciated !!!