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Thread: Slider Script Issues

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    Slider Script Issues

    Hi Everyone,

    I am very new to jQuery, and am having some issues with a slider on a development site. For whatever reason, the captions do not match the current photo. It seems more like the captions are just random.
    Also, the slides pause on hover (which I want), but then they don't resume after the curse has left a slide. I cannot figure out what is causing this, and would absolutely appreciate if someone wouldn't mind taking a look.

    The slider can be seen HERE on the development site. The JS file is HERE and the script is under the "Front Slides" heading.

    I am thinking this is possibly a quick and easy fix? Thank you all in advance!

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    This should work. You didn't tell it how long to pause.

    		preload: true,
    		play: 5000,
    		hoverPause: true,
    		pause: 5000,
    		slideshowSpeed: 9000,
    		generateNextPrev: false,
    		slideSpeed: 600,
    		animationStart: function(current){
    			$slideCaption = $(".slides_container div.slide:eq("+ (current-1) +") .caption").text();
    			$("#headline h6").text($slideCaption);
    			if($slideCaption != ''){

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    Thank you so much for your reply, and my apologies for not thanking you sooner. I never received a notification that there was a reply.

    I really appreciate your help! It works perfectly now!

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