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Thread: Newbie! Simple javscript code not working.

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    Newbie! Simple javscript code not working.

    I'm new to javascript. My code (in the head section) below is not working for some reason. I know the problem is in the line " if (lfckv == 'true') " . It says "NOT ticked" when I check or uncheck the checkbox.

                function exefunction(){
                    var lfckv = document.getElementById("lifecheck").checked;
                    if (lfckv == 'true')
    				alert("NOT ticked");
    My HTML code:

    HTML Code:
    <input type="checkbox" name="tag" value="tag"  id="lifecheck"  onclick="exefunction()"/> Tag this message

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    You have 2 problems.
    1) You are trying to compare a boolean to a string when you should be comparing a boolean to another boolean.

    2) You're using the double equals operator (==), not the triple equals operator (===).
    The triple equals operator is better in 99% of cases. It does not do type coercion (Google it); it checks if the values are identical.

    Here are some examples to show why you shouldn't use == (aka, the eqeq operator).
    true == 'true'     // false
    false == 'false'   // false
    false == 0       // true
    true == '1'        // true
    true == 1         // true
    null == undefined     // true

    So we simply change your if () statement in your code to compare .checked to a boolean and not a string, and we also use ===.
    function exefunction() {
        var lfckv = document.getElementById("lifecheck").checked;
        if (lfckv === true) {
        } else {
            alert('NOT ticked');
    Or, since you always call alert (just with a different string), you could shorten your function to this:
    function exefunction() {
        alert((document.getElementById("lifecheck").checked === true ? 'NOT ' : '') + 'ticked');
    That is using the ternary operator to shorten it to one line. No variables are necessary because we didn't use anything more than once.
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    Or , simply ?

    if (lfckv) alert('ticked'); else alert('NOT ticked');

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