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Thread: Need help uploading a PHP Script

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    Need help uploading a PHP Script

    I'm an EXTREMELY new web developer and I've been getting using Filezilla to build and upload HTML and CSS files. I've got my project up (www.GetOmniTech.com) but I'm looking to continually expand the functionality. I recently purchased a PHP script (http://codecanyon.net/item/php-login...nagement/49008) in order to add a customer login and management section to my website.

    I've taken a few codecademy tutorials on PHP and I've even reached out to my more experienced development friends, but I need more hands on help with actually getting it up. What I've been learning is actually coding the PHP, but not the set up that goes into it (PHPmyadmin, Xaamp, IDEs, etc.). I currently have the script running independently on my localhost, but I need help getting everything online and integrated with my existing site. Any help is greatly appreciated.

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    if you can post some code that you have written, it will give us an idea of if anything needs to be changed.

    One of the problems with web designers here is that in building a website with absolute path's when relative path's should be used.

    Example, an absolute path would be http://www.domain.com/Path/to/your/file/filename.html and a relative path would be /Path/to/your/file/filename.html

    some web design tools will automatically put an absolute path in any features that have a URL, which can cause problems when uploading to server.

    another area that causes problems is where you'll development environment has a different file structure to that of the service and any scripts like PHP have references that are themselves absolute paths, so any scripts you rely on but also need to be looked at.
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